5 tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd

We see a fair amount of CVs through in our daily work (in fact we have seen nearly 3,500 so far this year already) and we often see the same mistakes over-and-over.

I rounded up the senior team here at England Associates I asked the question:

What would make a CV stand out from the crowd when applying for an internal role?

From their responses I have put together 5 tips on how you can make your CV stand out from the crowd.

1. Have a well presented CV

You will be surprised how many CVs we see from experienced recruiters that fail to pay attention to the format, structure, spelling and grammar within their CV.
Your CV is your shop window so make sure that the basics of consistent font style and size, sub-headings and bullet points are covered. Sign post the key sections of your CV that the reader is going to want to see such as your work experience, qualifications and availability for interview.

2. Check your dates

The one thing that tends to make a CV stand out, for all the wrong reasons, is when the dates don’t add up. Make sure to explain any gaps in your CV anything from 1 month to 10 years.
Make sure these are also consistent with your LinkedIn profile, and if they are not explain why.
Longevity with your previous employers is one area that will really stand out to your reader, so if you have a few short spans on your CV why not include a few notes on why you left.

3. Back up your achievements with numbers

Fantastic, you have been the top biller at your current agency for the last three months or you have made the most sales calls in your last role in the company’s history! But quantify it baby!
Businesses often categorise success in different ways, so help us to understand in a language we understand: numbers, pennies and pounds!

4. Be honest

Following up from number 3, I wanted to stress the importance of keeping this humble. It can be tempting to make some bold claims within your CV and make the reader excited by your achievements. However these often don’t pan out. Despite what you might think bold numbers in billing history or sales targets hit are often considered suspiciously rather than making us pick up the phone to schedule an interview.

5. It’s all about you

Above all, remember that we want to hear about you. Sell us what you have achieved rather than focussing on phrases such as ‘was involved in’ and ‘I assisted’ or ‘our team’. Take credit where credit is due.
Make sure to highlight your key achievements as well as your interests outside of work that will differentiate you from everyone else.

Whether you are looking for your first break into a career in recruitment, or looking to work with a new agency that gives something back, use these 5 tips to make sure your CV jumps out from the pile and you get the call for interview!

This article was written by Marie Malyon, Marketing Manager at England Associates. All opinions expressed are that of Marie’s and not necessarily reflected by England Associates.