Commute to work – Survey Results

Back in October last year we asked you how you felt about your commute to work. Now that all the response are in we have analysed the results and they aren’t too surprising: the shorter your commute the happier you are about it.

Who Responded

Of our total responses, 82% of respondents are permanent employees the vast majority living and working in the South East (46%) and South West (36%) of the UK.

Responses did come from across our full range of sectors, but the largest response was from within construction (39%).

How far are people traveling to work?

The average distance travelled, one way, to work was 34.91 miles. Unsurprisingly contractors, although underrepresented in this survey, travelled more with an average of over 100 mile round trip.

The largest number of responses came from those who are travelling over 1 hour each way to work (32%) but we did also have 25% of respondents travelling 46 mins to 1 hour and 21% travelling 16-30 minutes as well.

Key Observations

So the key observations from all of this data are as follows:

  • 43% of all respondents feel “great” or “acceptable” about their commute, 29% have no strong opinion and 29% feel “not good” or “terrible” about their commute.

  • Unsurprisingly those that travel under 15 minutes each way to work all feel pretty positive about their daily commute, but as travel time increases the sentiment also changes.

  • Of those who are travelling over 2 hours a day (round trip) 22% responded that they felt “terrible” about their commute and 44% “not good”. When asked for the reasons why they continued to travel the extended distance to work, responses included:
    • “I enjoy the job I do, and the people I work with”
    • “Money”
    • “Providing financial security for my family”
    • “Survival instinct”
  • Overcrowded roads and traffic nightmares were a common themes among all the additional comments causing commutes to increase in length significantly on bad days.

If you have any comments on your commute to work you would like to add feel free to reach me on or any of our social media profiles.

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This blog was written by Marketing Manager Marie Malyon. The opinions stated in this article are those of the writer, and not necessarily reflected by the wider business.