How far is too far to commute to work? SURVEY

Do you know the exact minute you need to leave the house to be at work on time? The best route to avoid traffic or unnecessary hold ups?  Whether you travel by car, bus, train or on foot, a daily commute can come down to science.

I class myself as one of the lucky ones, with a commute of around 5 miles each way, taking me between 15 -35 minutes depending on traffic. However I know many others travel much further, and the dread or even joy a commute can bring.

With somewhat hyperbolic news stories claiming that a commute times of over 60 minutes each way can lead to bad health, increased stress and lack of productivity, it can be easy to see why the daily commute can be a source of dread for some.

However for many people it can be a time to relax, listen to music or podcasts, read the paper and be a valuable slice of ‘me’ time in an otherwise hectic day. A longer commute could be a worthwhile compromise for a job that you love, higher pay and opportunities.

Speaking to those looking for work on a daily basis, my colleagues here in the England Associates office say that the long drive to work can cause many to look for a new role, or at least a major deciding factor when looking for a new one.

So I would love to know how far you are commuting and how your feel about your daily commute! Take our short survey to let us know.

I will pull together your results and publish a second piece, with the hopes of understanding how far is too far to commute to work.

In the meantime, if you are looking for something a bit closer to home, I am sure one of our specialist recruitment consultants would be able to assist – you can search for jobs here, or send a message for a call back here to discuss in more detail.