National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2018 by Tazmin Mansbridge

This week I have been helping England Associates to celebrate NAW 2018 .

All week have been given full control over our social media profiles; having the ability to show what I do here as a Marketing Apprentice, the apprenticeship opportunities here at England Associates and generally sharing the word on how apprenticeships can actually help!

A big part of this week has been attending some great Apprenticeship Career Fairs:


I met my manager Marie at this fair this time last year. Going back to the South Downs Campus but on the other side of the stand felt a little weird. I wondered how nervous I was when I was looking compared to speaking to the current students looking and I have to say I think I was more nervous speaking to them. However, I knew what apprenticeships at England Associates could offer and was determined to express this to the students at HSDC.

I was also asked if I could film a short video to explain where I am now, how I got there and how that fair has helped me to get to that position. I had an amazing experience and was very pleased with the outcome of my networking!


Portsmouth College

I was unfortunately unable to attend this fair myself but my manager Marie did instead.

Here are her thoughts:

‘’I spent a productive few hours on Tuesday at Portsmouth College talking to students about apprenticeships as part of their career fair. We were able to meet with a good number of students planning for their options after they finish school and looking forward to catching up with them in a few months’ time.’’


Suella Ferndandes’s Apprenticeship Fair

This fair was full of surprises! The amount of confident and well-presented people that came and spoke to our stand was outstanding, many of them were even still at school. I have made some great connections and gained so many skills just by attending this fair. I have proven myself that I can actually do more than I thought if I put my mind to it.

The £100 Love2shop voucher competition that was up grabs went down well with the students as they took pictures of themselves in our hard-hat, hi-vis and headset then placed them on their social media platforms, with a tag of England Associates, for their chance to win. Find out who the winner was on our Instagram.


My social media takeover has meant many pictures of myself, no complaints yet, and was full of information on my work life at England Associates. The week started with the announcement of NAW 2018, spammed with Career Fair photoshoots and ended with an overview of what is an average day at England Associates for me, which I hope has given a sneak behind the scenes of what Apprenticeships are like in the workplace.

Please check out our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see my latest post on NAW 2018.

Overall, this NAW was a great success for the business and myself and can’t wait to invite a number of people we have met for interview for the next few weeks.

If you are interested in becoming an Apprentice at England Associates you can apply here.