Strong house building recovery in April shows promise of UK construction rebound


Daniel Harrington, Specialist Recruitment Consultant in House Building:

House building has continued to boom over the last couple of months and years, and will only increase as the demand for affordable housing becomes greater and greater. With the governments ‘help to buy’ scheme also in full swing, it will only continue to increase.

Original article from City A.M.


Growing Team! by Christopher Ellis

Our house building sales and after-care team is growing with two new team members; Jess Roche (shown on the left) and Elizabeth Jones (shown right).

The growth of this team reflects the good relationships Christopher Ellis is building on behalf of England Associates with leading house builders locally and now our ability to grow to support more regions.

Jess and Elizabeth enhance our ability to support house builders nationally to grow their sales teams with honest advice and access to our network of specialist sales professionals now in the South of the UK

Christopher Ellis

Jess Roche has a background of recruiting administration and support staff into temporary roles within government departments such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, Environmental Agency, NHS and more. She brings a wealth of experience in this area and has already successfully introduced permanent sales and support staff into house builders in the last few weeks.

I am really enjoying working within this sector, visiting the sites and viewing the different homes is very interesting, and the job seekers I am introducing agree!

Jess Roche

Elizabeth Jones is one of the graduates from our Training Academy which has been recognised in both trade and local press for our commitment to training and development. With a background in retail and now 6 months of recruitment experience under her belt she is an excellent addition to Christopher Ellis’ team covering the Kent and Essex regions.

We are already having some great conversations with individuals and house builders in Kent and Essex. It appears a lot of individuals are finding it difficult to find employers that have a good culture, and I am looking forward to help them to find roles they will love!

Elizabeth Jones

Make sure you connect with both Jess, Elizabeth and Christopher (if you are not already) and please keep in touch about your recruitment requirements, or if you are looking for your next career move!

This post is an extension of one posted by Christopher Ellis on his LinkedIn.


Easter Payroll – Temporary Workers

For our temp workers, with the Easter Bank Holiday now almost upon us, please see below for a reminder of our deadline for approved timesheets processing of Temp payroll.

Key Dates and Deadlines:

Week Ending Timesheet and Invoice Deadline
Sunday 01/04/2018 12 p.m. Tuesday 03/04/2018


*Subject to Umbrella/Payroll company processing times. Please note CL1 candidates are not affect by this.

If you have any questions, please speak to your specialist  recruiter.


Supporting Future Talent

We are proud to support Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth on their ‘Get Ready for Work’ day on Thursday 15th of March.

Marketing & Talent Acquisition Manager, Marie Malyon, volunteered to hold a series of mock-interviews with Year 10 students, to help develop their confidence and interview skills.

Over the course of the school day Marie was able to meet ten students between the ages of 14-15 with careers aspirations from Hairdressing to being a Pilot and everything in between. We then provided feedback forms on both their CVs and interview skills.

With many of the students completing their studies summer 2019 we are excited to see what their futures hold!

If you are a local school, college or university who would be interested in England Associates supporting your students in CV writing, interview skills or job hunting tips please contact Marie on


Stephen Morley: I have been out-done a bit…

This post was originally an article on LinkedIn by Stephen Morley.

I first announced I wanted to climb the Three Peaks at the beginning for February this year. Taking on the solo climb of the three biggest peaks in their respective countries (Snowdon, Scafell Pike & Ben Nevis) all within 24 hours was a personal challenge. Yet my main motivation was to raise awareness of Mental Health and money for Mind – The Mental Health Charity.

However, Greg James, DJ on BBC Radio went and out shone me a bit, with this Pedal to the Peaks Challenge didn’t he!?!

But I am not disheartened, the opposite in fact. This shows a real change in attitude toward mental health in the UK and this helps to pave the way to tackle stigma and support the up to 10% of people who will experience depression in their lifetime in England.

His widely publicised challenge to not only climb the Three Peaks, but also cycle between them, in the freak snow weather we have had recently too, will be a real inspiration in my training and in completing this challenge.

I have proudly donated to Sport Relief in support of Gregathlon. If you would also like to donate you can text GREG TO 70205 to donate £5.

Alternatively if you would like to support my climb, you can donate on my Just Giving page.


National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2018 by Tazmin Mansbridge

This week I have been helping England Associates to celebrate NAW 2018 .

All week have been given full control over our social media profiles; having the ability to show what I do here as a Marketing Apprentice, the apprenticeship opportunities here at England Associates and generally sharing the word on how apprenticeships can actually help!

A big part of this week has been attending some great Apprenticeship Career Fairs:


I met my manager Marie at this fair this time last year. Going back to the South Downs Campus but on the other side of the stand felt a little weird. I wondered how nervous I was when I was looking compared to speaking to the current students looking and I have to say I think I was more nervous speaking to them. However, I knew what apprenticeships at England Associates could offer and was determined to express this to the students at HSDC.

I was also asked if I could film a short video to explain where I am now, how I got there and how that fair has helped me to get to that position. I had an amazing experience and was very pleased with the outcome of my networking!


Portsmouth College

I was unfortunately unable to attend this fair myself but my manager Marie did instead.

Here are her thoughts:

‘’I spent a productive few hours on Tuesday at Portsmouth College talking to students about apprenticeships as part of their career fair. We were able to meet with a good number of students planning for their options after they finish school and looking forward to catching up with them in a few months’ time.’’


Suella Ferndandes’s Apprenticeship Fair

This fair was full of surprises! The amount of confident and well-presented people that came and spoke to our stand was outstanding, many of them were even still at school. I have made some great connections and gained so many skills just by attending this fair. I have proven myself that I can actually do more than I thought if I put my mind to it.

The £100 Love2shop voucher competition that was up grabs went down well with the students as they took pictures of themselves in our hard-hat, hi-vis and headset then placed them on their social media platforms, with a tag of England Associates, for their chance to win. Find out who the winner was on our Instagram.


My social media takeover has meant many pictures of myself, no complaints yet, and was full of information on my work life at England Associates. The week started with the announcement of NAW 2018, spammed with Career Fair photoshoots and ended with an overview of what is an average day at England Associates for me, which I hope has given a sneak behind the scenes of what Apprenticeships are like in the workplace.

Please check out our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see my latest post on NAW 2018.

Overall, this NAW was a great success for the business and myself and can’t wait to invite a number of people we have met for interview for the next few weeks.

If you are interested in becoming an Apprentice at England Associates you can apply here.


The Construction Worker Life

If you work on a construction site you will know what I mean about…

Having nicknames for all the Pauls, Andys’ and Daves’ because there is always more than one on site.

Typically going through six cups of tea a day, followed with a biscuit for dunking or a slice of cake. Chances are a chocolate digestive as voted the most popular.

Your an early bird, whether you like it or not. Studies have shown the average time a construction site worker gets up is between 6am and being out the door no later than 7:30am.

Your shocked every time you see the mileage on your car/van as travelling to and from sites clocks up faster than you think.

The weather is your enemy, main topic of conversation and has more control over your work life than you would like.

Have I missed any? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Written by Tazmin Mansbridge

Source used – On The Tools.


The Challenge

Our Divisional Manager, Stephen Morley, has challenged himself to complete the Three Peaks Challenge.

This is a gruelling trek of the three largest mountains in the UK: Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon all in 24 hours.

We have chosen a cause close to all our hearts, Mind. You can read more about Stephen Morley’s story here.

Show your support by liking, sharing, donating or following our journey.

For those who also wish to challenge themselves we welcome you to join us for the whole challenge, 1 mountain or cheering us on at the side lines. Get in touch with Stephen Morley here. 


Our 5 top tips to help with your job search

Are you fed up of your boss or the long commute? Or just looking for a new job?

Here are our 5 Top Tips to make sure your job search is successful.


1. Wish List – what are you looking for?

Write down exactly what you would like out of your job search. What is your dream job? What would you like out of it?

Spend some time considering the pros and cons of your current position and then write down, in another list, what you would like from a new job?


Current Job

Pros Cons
Secure position 50 mins drive
Bonus Pay rise unavailable
Incentives No position development


New Job Wish List

Min of £30k pa

Maximum of 30 min drive away

Flexible working

28 days holiday per year


2. Starting your job search

We, as can be expected, would recommend you call and speak to a Specialist Recruitment Consultant when you are looking for a new role. However there are other options including searching job aggregators, such as Indeed, and setting up job alerts so you are notified about new job openings as soon as they are posted.

The amount of jobs available will be dependent on both your skill set and location but we recommend shortlisting around 5-10 vacancies that you find interesting.


3. Narrow down your shortlist 

Next narrow down your shortlisted vacancies by comparing each job to your wishlist. The top 3 to 5 jobs will be the ones that have the most features in common with your ‘Wish List’.

This will allow you to focus your time on writing a strong tailored application to these few positions with a higher chance of success than posting out generic CVs to a lot of different vacancies.


4. Tailor your applications

It is important that you tailor each of your applications to match the job you are applying for.

For example if you are a Site Manager with experience in both high rise builds and also small bespoke projects, you want to highlight the experience which is most relevant to the position you are applying for.

Recruitment Consultants and Hiring Managers will scan your CV to look for the following information:

  • experience working on a similar types of project
  • tickets and any other relevant qualifications required for the role
  • duties and responsibilities you have completed within each of these roles to match with the requirements of the vacancy

If you can make this as easy as possible to find within your application you will be more likely to be successful.  This could be by putting subheadings within your CV, summarising the relevant information at the top of your CV or submitting a covering letter or email as part of you application.

Do this for each role you wish to apply for.


5. Follow up your applications

Now you can apply to each of these vacancies with the relevant tailored CV.

Some roles can get a high number of applications and even though you have made an effort to ensure this stands out from the crowd, it can be worth putting in a follow up call.

This can be just a quick call to confirm that the individual has received your application to asking any questions you may have about when you will receive feedback or details about the role. This prompts the recipient to review you application, even if they have done so already, and make them more likely to remember your application.


Looking for work can be a daunting process, especially if you have been in a permanent role for a number of years, but there is confidential support available. If you would like to find out more about roles in your industry feel free to contact one of our Specialist Recruitment Consultants who will be happy to help.

This blog was written by Tazmin Mansbridge


Commute to work – Survey Results

Back in October last year we asked you how you felt about your commute to work. Now that all the response are in we have analysed the results and they aren’t too surprising: the shorter your commute the happier you are about it.

Who Responded

Of our total responses, 82% of respondents are permanent employees the vast majority living and working in the South East (46%) and South West (36%) of the UK.

Responses did come from across our full range of sectors, but the largest response was from within construction (39%).

How far are people traveling to work?

The average distance travelled, one way, to work was 34.91 miles. Unsurprisingly contractors, although underrepresented in this survey, travelled more with an average of over 100 mile round trip.

The largest number of responses came from those who are travelling over 1 hour each way to work (32%) but we did also have 25% of respondents travelling 46 mins to 1 hour and 21% travelling 16-30 minutes as well.

Key Observations

So the key observations from all of this data are as follows:

  • 43% of all respondents feel “great” or “acceptable” about their commute, 29% have no strong opinion and 29% feel “not good” or “terrible” about their commute.

  • Unsurprisingly those that travel under 15 minutes each way to work all feel pretty positive about their daily commute, but as travel time increases the sentiment also changes.

  • Of those who are travelling over 2 hours a day (round trip) 22% responded that they felt “terrible” about their commute and 44% “not good”. When asked for the reasons why they continued to travel the extended distance to work, responses included:
    • “I enjoy the job I do, and the people I work with”
    • “Money”
    • “Providing financial security for my family”
    • “Survival instinct”
  • Overcrowded roads and traffic nightmares were a common themes among all the additional comments causing commutes to increase in length significantly on bad days.

If you have any comments on your commute to work you would like to add feel free to reach me on or any of our social media profiles.

Alternatively if you would like to reduce your commute and find a job closer to home you can browse our full list of vacancies here or get in contact with one of our Specialist Recruiters on 01489 232 080.

This blog was written by Marketing Manager Marie Malyon. The opinions stated in this article are those of the writer, and not necessarily reflected by the wider business.