International Coffee Day – Friday 29th September 2017

In celebration of International Coffee Day 2017, the team here at England Associates were greeted in the morning with a steaming cup of the good stuff, with choice of Latte, Cappuccino or Americano with a selection of coffees including hazelnut and vanilla varieties. Marketing Manager Marie was Barista for the morning taking orders and making desk deliveries to the hard working consultants. Photo courtesy of Jess Roche.


Hot House Building Projects

Take a look at the collection of hot house building projects below that have just started, or due to commence in the next few months.

If you would like to know more, or the opportunity to work on one of these flagship projects, get in touch with one of our specialist house building consultants.


North Whiteley

Image credit Hampshire Chronical


The construction on the next phase of Whiteley village is due to start imminently. Extending to the north of the existing development, which started in 2015, there is still an 18 year strong construction pipeline.

This next phase which is promised to be a ‘sustainable community’ includes the construction of an additional 3,500 houses, three schools, leisure routes, a neighbourhood centre and children’s play areas.

In order to support the influx of traffic additional routes will be constructed from the new development to main routes out of the village including a link between Whiteley Way and Botley Road.

This will be delivered by a consortium of house builders including Taylor Wimpey, Crest Nicholson, Bovis Homes, and JGP Lakeside.

The England Associates team are very close to this project (it is less than half a mile from our office) and the ongoing pipeline of work makes this project one to watch over the next few months and years and promises to be a top local employer.


Boorley Park

Image credit Bovis Homes


When the Boorley Park project was first announced back in 2014, it was surrounded by a lot of controversy. The loss of greens and fairways around the neighbouring Borley Green to make way for 1,400 new homes was the major cause for concern with local residents, however after public exhibition planning was granted for the project in two phases.

This multi-million £ project is being delivered by developers including Bloor Homes, Bovis Homes and Linden Homes with stage 2 due to commence in the next few weeks.

Set in the market village of Botley the community will be quadrupling in size including an additional school, sport pitches, community centre and allotments, all built on land which was previously a golf course.

Get in touch with us to find out more about job opportunities on this project.


Luzborough Green

Image credit Wyatt Homes (also featured photo)


Phase 2 of the Luzborough Green, £4.35m value housebuilding project based in Romsey, is due to start in the first week of October, with first completions planned for autumn 2018.

The completed project will have a final count of over 50 new homes with a range of two, three and four bedrooms. Each with a luxurious modern design and a country theme to fit into the rural neighbourhood. Associated works include landscaping, roads, footpaths and even refurbishment of a listed pub garden walls we complete this project.

Despite initial fears of the environmental impact of this project, local councillor Mark Cooper said that this project has formed a ‘blueprint’ of how developers should work with communities to putting together applications submitted by Morrish Builders and Wyatt Homes.

This mid-sized project would be attractive to those who enjoy working on a project with commitment to high quality end products.


Forest Gate

Image credit Bargate Homes

Construction started on the the Forest Gate project in the Hampshire village of Rowlands Castle mid-September. This £2.5m 34 unit development is set to compete against many of the other projects Bargate Homes have produced in the past couple of years.

The scheme, which include 13 units for affordable housing, will be composed of a static range of two, three, and four bedroom homes within a traditional theme set within mature woodland.

Improvements to access roads and other associated works including natural ventilation will also be completed.

Give us a call to find out more about opportunities on this project.


Hop Field Place

Photo credit South Downs National Park Authority

Construction has now started on Redrow Homes’ latest development, Hop Field Place. The site in Alton is positioned in-between North Wessex Downs and South Downs National Park providing a beautiful backdrop.

The scheme is a development of 180 units split into three different types of accommodation; 158 of which will be 2 to 5 bedroom houses, 16 of the 180 will be 1 bedroom flats and the rest to be 2 bedroom bungalows. 72 of the units will be affordable housing.

Redrow Homes are the main developer of the 29-acres site which would be of interest to anyone who wants to work on an impressive residential development.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about these projects, or interested in being a part of any of them or similar projects search our current jobs here contact one of our specialist consultants on 01489 232 080.



Three complete England Associate’s Graduate Scheme

We are proud to announce that Akshay Lallbahadoor, Elizabeth Stein and Maria Zorena have now completed their training with our first Graduate Scheme and joined their full time roles as Specialist Recruitment Consultants.

Building on the success of our existing Training Academy, we launched our first Graduate Scheme in June 2017. The intensive training programme, which is both written and delivered by our internal team, is designed to take ambitious individuals who have recently completed their degree and fast track their career in recruitment.

Akshay Lallbahadoor, adds: the training is well structured, providing real life experience for the role. This has given me confidence and the skills needed to do the role. I understand now that recruitment is not just sales, but a focus on building relationships and making connections.

We pride ourselves in investing in future talent for the industry. The Training Academy, including the newly added Graduate Scheme has now successfully assisted 10 individuals to start a career in recruitment, since its launch in January this year.

Andy Harvey, Sales Director: our latest three academy graduates show real promise and I look forward to seeing them helping our clients and candidates now they are on their desks full-time. England Associates has a very successful track record of developing young talent and we are proud to see our core values of professionalism and integrity flowing through our most recent Academy students.

About the Graduates:

Akshay Lallbahadoor is a trilingual Italian born graduate of Business Management from the University of Portsmouth. Akshay will now be joining our successful House Building temp team, working with businesses across the UK looking for contract support on their projects.

Elizabeth Stein a Southampton Solent University graduate of Music Promotion has a background in retail, but she was unsure what she wanted to do next. Elizabeth believes: the training process has worked really well, and I now understand how recruitment actually works from start to finish. I originally wanted to a career in Music, but now I am really interested in making a success of my role and making some money. Elizabeth will be joining our Permanent Construction team.

Maria Zorena has just completed her Masters in LLM Law from University of Portsmouth, starting with us while still completing her final dissertation. Maria adds: I believe I have really joined the right business, because England Associates sees me as an individual. Recruitment can have a bad reputation, but the training has reassured me that if you do it right it’s a really good service to both employers and those looking for work.


How far is too far to commute to work? SURVEY

Do you know the exact minute you need to leave the house to be at work on time? The best route to avoid traffic or unnecessary hold ups?  Whether you travel by car, bus, train or on foot, a daily commute can come down to science.

I class myself as one of the lucky ones, with a commute of around 5 miles each way, taking me between 15 -35 minutes depending on traffic. However I know many others travel much further, and the dread or even joy a commute can bring.

With somewhat hyperbolic news stories claiming that a commute times of over 60 minutes each way can lead to bad health, increased stress and lack of productivity, it can be easy to see why the daily commute can be a source of dread for some.

However for many people it can be a time to relax, listen to music or podcasts, read the paper and be a valuable slice of ‘me’ time in an otherwise hectic day. A longer commute could be a worthwhile compromise for a job that you love, higher pay and opportunities.

Speaking to those looking for work on a daily basis, my colleagues here in the England Associates office say that the long drive to work can cause many to look for a new role, or at least a major deciding factor when looking for a new one.

So I would love to know how far you are commuting and how your feel about your daily commute! Take our short survey to let us know.

I will pull together your results and publish a second piece, with the hopes of understanding how far is too far to commute to work.

In the meantime, if you are looking for something a bit closer to home, I am sure one of our specialist recruitment consultants would be able to assist – you can search for jobs here, or send a message for a call back here to discuss in more detail.


Here come the Graduates

We are excited to introduce our latest recruits to have joined our Graduate Scheme. An extension of our already successful Training Academy, (from left to right) Akshay, Maria, Lizzie & Sam come from local universities and have just completed either a Bachelors or Masters degree.

If you are interested in starting a career in recruitment, find out more and apply here.


Our latest Training Academy Graduates take on their full time roles

We are proud to announce the graduation of our two more of our Training Academy have graduated into their full time roles.

Our bespoke Training Academy is written and delivered by our internal team, who have over 100 years combined experience within recruitment. The Training Academy covers an extensive syllabus including the basics of speaking to job seekers, to business development, negotiation and ultimately delivering an excellent service to both candidates and clients.

Jacob Starling has joined the Site Solutions team specialising in Highways & Streetworks roles across the UK.

Lacey Field has also join the Site Solutions team as a resources across construction and defence.

If you are interested in starting a career in recruitment and joining our Training Academy, you can find out more and apply here.


4 Years Later – Social Media and Web Tech in Recruitment

Online technologies move fast in any industry and the recruitment sector is no different. 4 years ago I was studying towards Postgraduate Diploma and completed a detailed piece on how Social Media and Web technologies were impacting on the recruitment process. Now in 2017 I wanted to look back on how things have changed in this time, but also give you some insights into some future trends as well.

This post begins a series of blog posts I will write on the subject covering everything from why we should work with passive candidates we find online to the future of job boards to the ethics behind social media background checks. Please join the conversation and add your own comments, experience and thoughts on our LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

This post has been written by David Sleeman, any opinions expressed are that of the author, and not necessarily representative of the views held by England Associates.


Consultant Stories – Daniel Harrington

Job Title: Trainee Recruitment Consultant
University: University of Portsmouth
Course: Law LLB with Business
Year Graduated: March 2015

What initially attracted you to a career in recruitment?

Recruitment wasn’t something that I thought about while at university, it wasn’t even on my radar. I went to university to do Law, so that’s what I thought I would go in to. But I started a part-time evening resourcing role with England Associates whilst still at university and it opened my eyes. The client contact, variety of work, competition and the feeling of success when making a placements was more interesting than a career in Law.

How did you find out about the role at England Associates?

I saw an advert on Purple Door, our university job board, and applied for the part time evening work to fund my university studies. It was a straight forward interview meeting a couple of people in the team. It wasn’t too complicated or interactive.

What do you think makes a good recruitment consultant?

Persistence. If you’re not motivated to carry on then it won’t work. You need to be optimistic that it will work out.
If you have any fear of being on the phone then it might not be for you. But if you are upfront, can be called a bit aggressive or have a killer instinct this is the job for you.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

Pace. The paperwork element is minimal. You spend a lot of time on the phone, putting destiny in your hand. Your ‘desk’ is a successful as you want it to be.

Advice to those looking to get into recruitment

Don’t get too bogged down by stats, targets and KPIs. Pick up the phone and start having conversations. Don’t be afraid of saying something stupid on the phone, just find your own style.

Find out more and contact Daniel Harrington here.


Trade press help us celebrate the latest Graduate’s of our Training Academy

We are proud to be celebrating the graduation of Jordan Shepherd & Declan White from our debut Training Academy in May this year. We couldn’t help but shout about the hard work of our latest recruits who have now joined their full time roles within the business. We pride ourselves in investing in future talent for the industry with all training written and delivered by our internal team headed by David Sleeman, pictured above.

You can find out more via Recruitment InternationalOnRec & Recruiter.


5 tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd

We see a fair amount of CVs through in our daily work (in fact we have seen nearly 3,500 so far this year already) and we often see the same mistakes over-and-over.

I rounded up the senior team here at England Associates I asked the question:

What would make a CV stand out from the crowd when applying for an internal role?

From their responses I have put together 5 tips on how you can make your CV stand out from the crowd.

1. Have a well presented CV

You will be surprised how many CVs we see from experienced recruiters that fail to pay attention to the format, structure, spelling and grammar within their CV.
Your CV is your shop window so make sure that the basics of consistent font style and size, sub-headings and bullet points are covered. Sign post the key sections of your CV that the reader is going to want to see such as your work experience, qualifications and availability for interview.

2. Check your dates

The one thing that tends to make a CV stand out, for all the wrong reasons, is when the dates don’t add up. Make sure to explain any gaps in your CV anything from 1 month to 10 years.
Make sure these are also consistent with your LinkedIn profile, and if they are not explain why.
Longevity with your previous employers is one area that will really stand out to your reader, so if you have a few short spans on your CV why not include a few notes on why you left.

3. Back up your achievements with numbers

Fantastic, you have been the top biller at your current agency for the last three months or you have made the most sales calls in your last role in the company’s history! But quantify it baby!
Businesses often categorise success in different ways, so help us to understand in a language we understand: numbers, pennies and pounds!

4. Be honest

Following up from number 3, I wanted to stress the importance of keeping this humble. It can be tempting to make some bold claims within your CV and make the reader excited by your achievements. However these often don’t pan out. Despite what you might think bold numbers in billing history or sales targets hit are often considered suspiciously rather than making us pick up the phone to schedule an interview.

5. It’s all about you

Above all, remember that we want to hear about you. Sell us what you have achieved rather than focussing on phrases such as ‘was involved in’ and ‘I assisted’ or ‘our team’. Take credit where credit is due.
Make sure to highlight your key achievements as well as your interests outside of work that will differentiate you from everyone else.

Whether you are looking for your first break into a career in recruitment, or looking to work with a new agency that gives something back, use these 5 tips to make sure your CV jumps out from the pile and you get the call for interview!

This article was written by Marie Malyon, Marketing Manager at England Associates. All opinions expressed are that of Marie’s and not necessarily reflected by England Associates.