SURVEY: What makes the best House Builder to work for?

Welcome to England Associates first ever survey of House Building professionals on What makes the best House Builder to work for?

We have launched this survey to ask for your opinion on what makes the best company to work for in the house building sector. We will analyse this information to provide feedback to House Builders on how to improve their offers and remain competitive in this skill short area, as well as giving us all insight into what the best house builders are offering.

There is also an opportunity for you to nominate who you think is the best House Builder to work for.

This survey will cover company culture, project types, organisational structure and compensation so that we can identify the DNA of what makes the best house builder to work for. This should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete and can be done on any device.

All responses will remain anonymous, but if you want to be one of the first receive a copy of our findings, you will be given an opportunity to enter your email address at the end.

This survey will be open until 12pm on Friday the 3rd of November. If you have any additional comments you would like to add please email them to