The Construction Worker Life

If you work on a construction site you will know what I mean about…

Having nicknames for all the Pauls, Andys’ and Daves’ because there is always more than one on site.

Typically going through six cups of tea a day, followed with a biscuit for dunking or a slice of cake. Chances are a chocolate digestive as voted the most popular.

Your an early bird, whether you like it or not. Studies have shown the average time a construction site worker gets up is between 6am and being out the door no later than 7:30am.

Your shocked every time you see the mileage on your car/van as travelling to and from sites clocks up faster than you think.

The weather is your enemy, main topic of conversation and has more control over your work life than you would like.

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Written by Tazmin Mansbridge

Source used – On The Tools.