£ 400.00 - £ 400.00 per day
27618 - Business Analyst - London - 6 months - (SC, DV preferred) £400  
Home Office  
Role & Responsibilities
The role of business analysis with in the National Communications Data Service is to establish a good understanding of the CD service stakeholder needs to enable NCDS to develop CD services that deliver real user value.  
The role will require extensive interaction with a diverse stakeholder community and develop user requirements and/or user stories to work with the various pods/products which use a mixture of waterfall and agile development approaches.  
The role will also require working within multi-disciplinary teams representing the user communities' needs and ensuring that user value is not lost during the development of a solution.  
Travel to other Locations : AD hoc at Communication Service Providers locations.  
  1. Experience of working in both agile and waterfall development methodologies
  2. Domain Experience of working within Law enforcement
  3. Working with information/intelligence products
  4. Working within multi-disciplinary teams
  5. Full lifecycle development Qualifications
  6. BCS International Diploma of Business Analysis or ISEB.
  7. User Requirements (Waterfall)
  8. User Stories and Personas (Agile)
  9. Business Process Models
  10. Scenarios
  11. Support User Acceptance Test
  12. Hand over pack.
  13. Eliciting Requirements
  14. Stakeholder Engagement
  15. Stakeholder Management
  16. Business Process Modelling Notation
  17. Scenario Writing
  18. Support User Acceptance Test
  19. Understanding of Business Architectures a. Use of architectural tools such as Sparx EA b. TOGAF c. Archimate
  20. Information/Data Modelling
  21. Systems Design
Closing Date    
 21/03 10:00am  
How to Apply    
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080    
Must have SC / DV Clearance
£ 400.00 - £ 450.00 per day
27417 - Category Tower Manager - Mansfield  - £400 - £450  
Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire with frequent national travel and overnight stays as necessary for the effective performance of this role.
NHS England   
Category Tower Manager - Consumables / Clinical GRADE: CL1 (B8a/ 8b)  
Eight (8) roles are required to support all Category Tower Management/ Procurement related Phase 1+ Procurement Transformation Programme / Future Operating Model activities. These are additional posts, which are required in order to support the building of a new disaggregated Supplier Management Future Operating Model called the Intelligent Client Co-ordinator (ICC).  
Phase 1+ will see the on-boarding of 6 Medical Category Towers consisting of consumable and clinical product spend from contract award in Autumn 2017 to go-live in Spring 2018. Phase 1+ is the largest group of Category Towers by financial value (c£1.1billion spend). The ICC will be the organisation responsible for the contract management of the model that will be in place from 1st October 2018 to cover all aspects of the service provided by NHS Supply Chain (currently supplied by DHL).  
Job Summary
The post holder will be required to oversee the day to day contract and performance management of a Category Tower Service Provider (CTSP) which includes the development and delivery of the category management strategy activities to increase market share growth to 80% and contribute to the delivery of the £600m savings targets. A key element in achieving the savings required will be to ensure the CTSP is working with Customer groups to develop and agree the category management strategies and the subsequent procurement strategies. Working in conjunction with the key stakeholders such as the DH, NHS Improvement and NHS England, the post will have responsibility for identifying and optimising synergies wherever possible across the NHS procurement landscape, ensuring the CTSP maximises opportunities to leverage economies of scale. The post holder will be responsible for the overall spend across a defined set of product categories.  
Headline Duties and Responsibilities
To contract and performance manage the CTSP in scope, including oversight and visibility of the development, delivery and implementation of category management strategies by the CTSP in order to drive significant value to the NHS leading to increased market share and the delivery of savings targets. - Ensure the category management strategies are developed with the requirements of the customer at their core, taking into account customer requirements and other factors identified through customer/supplier engagement and also through a Category Council process including inputs from Finance and Product Assurance. - Supporting the Procurement Transformation Programme on the transition from the incumbent to the CTSP. This will include the set up and facilitation of sessions between the parties and ensuring the necessary and efficient transfer of data and information. - To ensure that all procurement activity by the in scope CTSP is delivered effectively. This includes compliance with public sector requirements in relation to this type of activity. - Ensure the CTSPs budget is managed effectively, challenging operating costs and driving cost down efficiency gains.  
Working Relationships
Accountable to: Head of Procurement and Customer Value Accountable for: Contract and performance management of CTSPs activities Directorate: Supplier Management POST: Category Tower Manager - Consumables / Clinical Manager  
Essential / Desirable Criteria Demonstrated by Qualifications  
Degree or extensive experience; Relevant degree and/or CIPS qualification. Membership of CIPS Certificates/ Application Process  
Significant category management experience and expertise in a related industry or large organisation.  
Closing Date    
How to Apply    
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080    
£ 400.00 - £ 450.00 per day
27480 - Contracts Manager - £450 UMB - Croydon, Greater London - 18 months
Home Office
Role & Responsibilities
  •  Key Tasks and Deliverables:
Contract management  
1. Support the identification, development , execution and negotiation of contractual changes (CCNs) for existing TPT contracts  
2. Review benchmarking clauses in existing service contracts and where these have not been managed to ensure that they are managed with suppliers.  
3. Benchmark end to end costs for identified projects (Windows 10, O365, Mobile) and other key EUC service costs to comparable industry standards and rates. Produce a "should cost" model for TPT.  
4. Carry out a tactical review of TPT commercial agreements and contractual landscape. Including but not limited to: a) Identifying a programme of sourcing events and development and approval of a sourcing strategy for TPT. Ensuring TPT PMs are fully consulted in development of plans for 2018. b) Carry out a detailed SWOT analysis of existing contractual landscape within TPT. Identifying instances of service duplication, service gaps and opportunities for more consistent or cost effective service delivery. c) Identify key collaboration activities between key suppliers and ensuring that appropriate collaboration agreements are in place and are being actively managed and are (where possible) linked to the Service Credit regime. d) To Inform the TPT Commercial lead of supplier performance issues and risks arising (i.e. service credits, KPI/CPI volume rebates, benchmarking reductions)  
5. Produce an ambitious and achievable annual savings target for TPT (incorporating targets as necessary into revisions of the Business Plan and TPT Project plans).  
6. Carry out a strategic supplier review on behalf of TPT. Specifically including: a) Spend categorisation - Identifying strategic, leverage, critical and bottleneck suppliers b) Market analysis - Analyse relative supplier leverage and the Home Office's buying power as a customer c) Action planning - Plan how to change supplier/contractual relationships
7. The review will contribute towards securing critical supply chains, reducing costs and maximising TPTs purchasing power.  
8. Development of guidance and resources for TPT/EUC budget holders introducing commercial best practice in establishing commercial agreements. This will support TPT budget holders in approaching commercial agreements with rigour, greater commercial awareness and consideration of public procurement regulations and ensure that best practice is engrained within TPT. Procurement
9. Support the development and management of procurement projects within TPT Programme so that it is able to procure key goods and services in time (avoiding gaps in service and anticipating major support requirements). Support TPT to contract for services within established budget and in support of TPT's target operating model and most recent PIC approved Business Case.
Experience Required:

1. An expert in the ICT field, with a track record of delivering best practice solutions using agile methodology. 2. Full understanding of public sector procurement, and EU Regulations 3. Full knowledge of CCS Frameworks and methods of accessing those Frameworks 4. Previous experience of Home Office Commercial working arrangements and technology projects and approach.
Additional Qualifications:

1. Understanding of the government's digital and technology transformation agenda and why the government is changing the way it does digital and technology projects.  
2. Experience in managing high value, technical IT contracts and leading on multiple procurements.  
3. The ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams, bring together people and views to inform decision making, and be willing to support work that isn't part of your core role.  
4. Strong stakeholder engagement skills and the ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical people.
Closing Date  
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
Must have SC Clearance
£ 535.00 - £ 535.00 per day
27479 -Political / Economic Advisor - Home Office (Border Force) - 6 months - £535 Ltd - Croydon   
   Home Office  
Role & Responsibilities
  •  Within HOAI, Decision Support for Operations (DSO) is the lead analytical unit in the Home Office supporting operational and strategic decision making across the Borders, Immigration and Citizenship system. We provide objective and high quality modelling, analysis and operational decision support to senior leaders, enabling the Department to understand and tackle complex problems, increase operational effectiveness, ensure value for money in decision making, and develop organisational strategy. Border Force is a professional law enforcement command within the Home Office. It is responsible for securing the UK border and controlling migration at maritime ports and airports across the UK and overseas. This is an unprecedented period for Border Force as it seeks to cope with the implications of the EU exit process whilst pressing ahead with a significant transformation programme intended to secure its ambition of being the 'best border force in the world'. We are seeking a talented individuals with experience of delivering complex analysis to join our Border Force Economics team - a team of GES badged Economists that are co-located within Border Force, to work on the EU Exit Programme (EUXP). The EUXP is focussed on addressing the operational delivery of the government's EU Exit policy, and analytical support provided through DSO represents a core requirement to this. You will join a team responsible for collecting and conducting analysis on data in order to help support operational delivery. Your role will include: $2022; Structuring and applying core economic concepts to solve complex problems; $2022; Modelling of options to influence operational decision making and support processes by considering wider economic impacts and theories (incentives, principal-agent, externalities etc.); $2022; coordinating with colleagues from wider analytical, operational, policy and legal teams; $2022; understanding new and evolving data and scenarios; $2022; handling results in a sensitive and timely manner, within a complex and changing political environment; $2022; understanding evaluation options.
1. Contribution to the establishment of models that will support operational delivery of Border Force's EU Exit strategy. 2. Collection of data where evidence gaps affect policy decisions or put operational delivery at risk of failure. 3. Production and communication of analysis to support decisions across the EUXP work streams. 4. Comprehensive documentation that will allow all work produced to be easily transferred to staff upon completion of posting.
1. Experience of building new data visualisation capabilities, and producing high quality analytical products using a range of analytical skills relevant for qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis; 2. Proficient in spreadsheet modelling using Excel; 3. Experience in application of Quality Assurance methods, including knowledge of the principles that underpin the AQuA Book. 4. Strong understanding of Econometric methods, and experience using core econometrics software (R, Stata); 5. Ability to communicate technical knowledge to non-analysts and policy makers. 1. Minimum 3 years experience in using analytical techniques; 2. Experience in engaging with stakeholders and facilitating workshops; 3. Experience in scoping, developing and delivering analytical products for non-analytical staff; 4. Experience in project management and customer engagement.
Strong understanding of Econometric methods, and experience using core econometrics software (R, Stata)
Closing Date  
   12-03-2018 16:00pm  
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
Must have SC / DV Clearance
£ 10.00 - £ 10.00 per hour
27474 - Service Architect with a transition focus - 6 months (extension likely) - £600 - £650 UMB - SC   
   Home Office  
Role & Responsibilities  
 The Service Architecture Design and Implementation (SADI) team set the direction for the management of operational IT services across the Home Office. • We produce comprehensive and forward looking service designs • We ensure that requirements for live service are incorporated early in programmes and projects • We manage the structured and safe transition to live service • We incorporate industry, government and Home Office standards, and develop new standards for the Home Office SADI is part of Home Office Digital Data and Technology (HODDat) Live Services. HODDAt Live Services supports systems are widely used by the public. Live Services provides high quality IT services to HOT customers by - • Providing our users with the tools they need to access and engage with services, including a Technology Service Desk, product portals and collaboration tools. • Providing professional Service Management & Integration, including effective operational control, service performance and supplier management processes. • Delivering the technical Service Support capabilities required to operate our platforms, applications and toolsets. • Maintaining the Operational Security of our live services. • Controlling the Service Architecture and lifecycle management of our services.
 The Service Architect will produce comprehensive service designs, incorporating business requirements, wider standards, Live Services capabilities and external suppliers. They will ensure that projects move in to live service in a safe and structured manner. They will ensure that service design principles and standards are embedded into projects, and that comprehensive support arrangements are put in place. Service Architects will be part of the Home Offices Service Architecture practice, and will contribute to the definition of standards and continual service improvement. Service Architects will design and document new services. The will deliver effective transitions of new services, engaging with projects and live service teams. They will deliver services that: • support business needs • reuse existing service components • are proportionate and affordable • effectively span multiple suppliers, components and support levels
1. The successful candidate will be an experienced IT Service Management practitioner, with specific experience of Service Design and Transition 2. Previous background managing stakeholders – both internal and external 3. Experience of onboarding 3rd party suppliers 4. Experience working with Agile projects 5. The successful candidate will have an ITIL V3 Foundation qualification and at least 2 of the Intermediate ITIL Modules, including Service Design and Service Transition. 6. Experience of Line Management
Closing Date  
   08/03 14:00pm
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
Must have SC / DV Clearance
£ 1.00 - £ 1.00 per day
27506 - Digital User Researcher, Inner London - £500 UMB
   Department for Transport
Role & Responsibilities
  •  Scoping, designing and carrying out a wide range of user research and analysis activities focused on real user needs to ensure an in-depth and detailed understanding of user needs for digital services across DfT $2022; Planning and leading a programme of user research for a range of complex digital services and a variety of end users $2022; Aligning the Digital Service's user research activities with wider departmental plans and embedding user-centred practices across the division and the wider Department $2022; Analysing user research data and producing evidence-based insights to inform business and technology decisions; working collaboratively and in an inclusive manner by involving teams in analysis and synthesis to increase consensus and challenge assumptions $2022; When carrying out user research actively seeking input from a diverse range of users including those with special access needs. Delivering outputs that meet accessibility needs and continuously demonstrating empathy and understanding for users issues
Closing Date  8/3/2018
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
£ 1.00 - £ 1.00 per hour
27388 - Service Design and Transition Specialist - £515 Ltd - Lunar House, Croydon - 12 months  
Home Office  
Tasks and Deliverables:
  • Collated service catalogue entries.
  • Service catalogue operating model.  
  • Training/ coaching materials for practitioners.  
  • Measurement and reporting mechanisms.
Experience Required:
Skilled in methodology and processes for managing a Service Catalogue.
  • Experience of designing and delivering service management/ operations capabilities.
  • Experience of implementing new capabilities within an IT Service Management tool, preferably Service Catalogue Management capability within ServiceNow.
  • Good understanding of Service Management and ITIL;  
  • 5 years experience in a Service Management/ Operations environment
  • Expertise in gathering and documenting requirements;  
  • Experience designing and developing service operating models and processes;  
  • Experience developing and delivering training and coaching for new service management/ operations capabilities.  
  • Demonstrable stakeholder management;
  • Demonstrable ability to communicate in both verbal and written communication.  
  • Public Sector experience;
  • ITIL Qualifications.
 Travel to other HO sites will be required, such as Croydon, Hendon and Liverpool. The role is to work on a project to gather service catalogue data across service portfolios and to create the tools, processes and coach and train the people to build a sustainable service catalogue for managing services on an ongoing basis.   
Closing Date    
   28/02/2018 @ 2:00pm  
How to Apply    
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080    
Must have SC / DV Clearance
£ 1.00 - £ 1.00 per hour
27379 - Product Manager - £575 UMB (Target Rate £525) - Civil Aviation Authority House, Inner London - 6 months
   Crown Commercial Service
Role & Responsibilities
  •  Background:
Crown Commercial Service (CCS) brings together policy, advice and direct buying; providing commercial services to the public sector and saving money for the taxpayer through a single organisations.  This enables us to make savings for customers in both central government and the wider public sector, achieve maximum value from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery for common goods and services across government.
The way government organisations use technology to deliver better services to citizens is changing and continues to challenge and stress the current way in which access is made to goods and services.  CCS has a critical mission to increase its digital enablement so that it can delivery both effectively and efficiently.  The ultimate aspiration is to move towards an integrated platform which fully automates end-to-end processes, ideally storing data in one place.
We are looking for a talented individual to take responsibility for development of digital/technology products for workstreams that are delivered by the Digital Services Team (DST). Formulating a product strategy by working with business experts across government, the Product Manager will become the expert in their own workstream, keeping themselves and the team up-to-date with policy, business and user developments and using a range of analytics and insights to drive delivery plans.  
As Product Manager you will:
  • provide direction and leadership for multidisciplinary product teams in running, supporting and continuously improving products so that they meet user needs
  • own and be responsible for developing and articulating a clear vision, achievable goals and measurable objectives for your products
  • develop the product strategy and roadmap, regularly iterating these to meet the changing needs
  • manage the prioritisation of product development, ensuring a balance of support work so that the products remain reliable, robust and secure, whilst also continuously improving
  • lead engagement with stakeholders, users and partner organisations, by running demos and facilitating workshops
  • coordinate product development with other programmes and teams across the organisation
  • maintain knowledge of the changing digital and technology landscape and the opportunities they provide to improve the delivery of public services in the UK
  • coach and mentor other members of the product community, identifying learning and development opportunities for individuals and teams
  • have a passion for the product management and other digital delivery specialisms - attending meetups, conferences and learning from peers and other organisations
We're looking for someone who has an impressive track-record of leading product teams in agile environments. You'll be guided by the fundamental principles of putting user needs first, focusing on delivery and outcomes over process, and being open and communicative. Success for you means supporting others to deliver to the very best of their abilities.  
It's essential that you have experience of:
  • product management with a track-record for shipping and evolving great digital products by working in an agile delivery setting
  • creating and developing product strategy to secure support for your products and direct the work of delivery teams through all phases of delivery - from discovery to continuous improvement in a live setting
  • assessing products and services and giving constructive feedback and guidance on priorities and improvements
  • having great working relationships with a variety of disciplines involved in digital delivery, including engineering, service design, performance analysis and delivery management
  • engagement with senior stakeholders, including suppliers, coordinating activity across a number of programmes and teams toward common objectives
  • setting, monitoring and reporting measurable performance targets for teams and products
  • strong communication skills that enable you to engage with people through a range of channels and explain what you are doing and how you are doing it in clear and compelling ways
It's desirable that you have:
  • Previous experience of product management in a government context
  • Previous experience of leading a product through government service standard assessments
  •  familiarity with working with suppliers through the end-to-end procurement process
  • have been in a role with a focus on operational maturity and ensuring a consistent approach to user and technical operational support.
Closing Date  
  1/3/2018 @ 11am
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
£ 40000.00 - £ 60000.00 per annum
Security consultant       
Location - London     
They are an independent professional security consultants who provide comprehensive security consultancy, design and project management services to a wide range of clients in the built environment and infrastructure sectors.
We are seeking an exceptional candidate with a proven track record in security design within a professional consultancy environment. The position will suit a highly motivated individual with a strong client focus and a positive approach to problem solving.
We offer a stimulating environment working in one of the foremost consulting firms in the United Kingdom and an opportunity to play a key role as part of a dynamic and growing team.   
Role & Responsibilities
Some of your responsibility will be to generate security surveys and audits, Security threat and risk assessments, Security strategy and master planning, Operational requirements, Security concept and detail design Counter-terrorism protective security as well as Contract procurement and project management.
  • Deliver security design and project management services for the physical protection of public space, buildings and infrastructure
  • Developing and producing detailed and coordinated security designs and technical specifications
  • Undertaking security system audits and site inspections
  • Acting as project manager to deliver projects successfully, on time and within budget
As the successful security consultant you are likely to have:
  • At least five years' experience in security systems design, of which at least three years should be as a security consultant in a client facing role
  • Strong commercial awareness and ability to deliver services within strict quality, cost and time constraints
  • Strong technical knowledge of security systems (access control, video surveillance and intruder alarms) and good understanding of physical security and security operations
  • Eligible for and willing to acquire UK government security clearance
Also you are likely to:
  • Be eligible for Chartered professional registration
  • Have a membership of a professional security institution
  • Have experience in leading a team of qualified design specialists to deliver projects in time and on budget
  • Have some understanding of cyber security principles
Rewards & Benefits    
In return we will give you an opportunity to earn up to £60,000 and a competitive package including 25 days holiday, company pension scheme and access to voluntary benefit options including; child care vouchers, share save scheme, life assurance, holiday buy and many more designed to suit your own personal lifestyle. All of this, in a professional but fun environment.  
How to apply    
Apply now by sending your CV to Richard De-la-haye at R.delahaye@englandassociates.com        
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