Charlotte Hawkins

Specialist Recruitment Consultant Phone: 01489 232 080

Charlotte on the recruitment industry:

This is a very busy industry providing a service to both clients and candidates alike ensuring we find the right person for the right role. Even with economic uncertainty the house building industry looks to remain strong with the promise of investment into new homes.

Candidates and clients should speak to me about:

All permanent roles within the operations side of house building, ranging from Assistant Site Managers to Construction Directors level roles.

You should speak to me because:

  • England Associates have been specialist within the industry for over 17 years and have accumulated a national scale database.
  • I have been recruiting within the housebuilding industry for the past 6 years.
  • I have a strong network of both candidates and clients.
  • Many of my clients and candidates work with me on an exclusive basis.

Interesting fact about me:

I am an un-identical twin with identical twin daughters.

My cat Henry's grandfather was the cat featured in the Barcadi Breezer advert in 2012.

I once won the Gadget Show competition winning over £40,000 worth of prizes, including a car.