Declan White

Specialist Recruitment Consultant Phone: 01489 232 080

Declan on the recruitment industry:

Recruitment is like a roller-coaster, a lot of ups and downs but strap yourself in because it’s one hell of a ride!

Candidates and clients should speak to me about:

Mechanical and Electrical Requirements, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial. Or if you are looking for a new role in any of these fields.

You should speak to me because:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the M+E sector
  • Only work with the best Candidates
  • I like to build good business relationships with Clients and make sure I find the right candidates for the job.

Interesting fact about me:

  • I passed the England Associates intensive 12 week Training Academy with a distinction!
  • Own over 50 sport trophies
  • Scored the winning goal to win the League Cup (2004-2005)

My testimonials:

Declan Testimonial