The Training Academy, an 8-12 week intensive course that gives you a fast track introduction to a career in recruitment. Always on the lookout for future talent, we recruit and train individuals with little to no experience in recruitment but a drive to succeed. Joining this successful training scheme will give you an accelerated understanding to the industry and a permanent position in our Whiteley office, Hampshire.

Our past recruits have come from varied backgrounds such as telesales, customer service, retail and hospitality, but what they all have in common is a desire to start a career, earn money and succeed.  

With all training written and delivered by our internal team, we pool our combined experience of over 100 years into this structured programme. The Training Academy covers an extensive syllabus including the basics of speaking to job seekers, to business development, negotiation and ultimately delivering an excellent service to both candidates and clients.

In 2017 alone our Training Academy has assisted 15 individuals in their first steps into recruitment.

Here are some of this year’s Training Academy recruits and their experiences with England Associates:

Richard De-La-Haye:

Permanent Team 

The best part of the Training Academy for me was the Graduation. It was the part in which I knew I had succeeded and, as a bonus, it was followed by a great evening of celebrating.

I found the hardest moment of the Training Academy being the client meeting which was placed at the end of  the training course. It was the nerves of messing it up and then making England Associates look bad, however, I got through it with success.

England Associates, to me, is colourful. 


Elizabeth Jones:

Permanent Team 

The Training Academy was the next step that I was looking for in a new career. I knew it would lead to progression and as I had always hearing good things about recruitment, I decided that I was going to go for it.

England Associates has allowed me to meet and be a part of a new team which has what I have mostly enjoyed. It has made me gain confidence on the phone when talking to candidate and clients. It has also taught me how to develop your personality for each person that I speak to.

I believe that once I complete my training it will only increase my recruitment knowledge and I am looking forward to seeing where I will be just this time next year. With all the new skills that you gain from the Training Academy I am sure anyone who is looking for a career would benefit.

Jacob Starling:

Permanent Team

Before starting at England Associates I was a Delivery Driver. I had some experience with sales previously in telecoms (it isn’t the easiest thing to sell) and heard that I might suit a career in recruitment. I wanted a job that was not only interesting, but would also challenging. I wanted something that would give an opportunity to progress; having said that I didn’t know anything about recruitment at all!

In terms of all the training, it was really good. The workshops helped the most; where we would practice talking to candidates and clients. The more experienced team member would tell us anecdotes from their careers to reinforce what we were learning in the training. Their support was valuable when preparing for our final task: a client meeting.

Overall, I think the Academy is the best way for those looking for a start a career in recruitment. Every new iteration of the Academy seems to be better and better and I would recommend it to anyone.

To apply to be apart of our future Training Academy Scheme visit our Trainee Recruitment Consultant job page.


From top left to bottom right - Jacob Starling, Declan White, Jordan Shepherd, Elizabeth Jones, Bradley Thomas, Maria Zorena, Akshay Lallbahadoor, Elizabeth Stein and Harry Hatton.