Pentaho Developer

  • £ 550.00 - £ 600.00 per day
Pentaho Developer, South End  
Client - HMRC  
Role & Responsibilities
  • We are seeking an experienced Pentaho Developer with a proven track record in software delivery to join our talented team and demonstrate a passion for software development. The Pentaho Developer will need to be technically competent, with excellent problem-solving and communication skills. They will be responsible for completing the development of user stories in line with agreed plans and strategies for the HMRC Data Engineering delivery group, based in Euston Tower, London.
  • This is a vital role within the agile delivery team, to build software that meets the requirements of the business and the acceptance criteria set by the product owner. As a member of an agile delivery team, the Pentaho Developer will take a full part in all Agile ceremonies, and take shared responsibility for the successful completion of Sprints. They will need to work closely with team members, so good communication is essential. They will need to have strong technical abilities in order to take ownership of their tasks and collaborate with other team members.
Closing Date 01/06/2018  
How to Apply  
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Must have SC / DV Clearance

Aeronautical Structural Engineer 29307

  • £ 320.00 - £ 350.00 per day
29307 - Aeronautical Structural Engineer, South West    
Client - MOD  
Role & Responsibilities  
Support the PROTECTOR Airframe and Propulsion Engineering Authority in agreement of the Propulsion System (Engine, Oil & Fuel System, Propeller, Installation & Fire Protection) Type Certification Basis and related Sub-system Certification Plans (SSCPs) in accordance with Military Air-system Certification Process (MACP) Phase 2 and Phase 3. Specifically requires;
  • Progression and agreement with the Design Organization (DO) and Military Aviation Authority (MAA) of Military Certification Review Items (MCRIs) prior to Type Board Meeting (TBM) #6 in September 2018.
  • Agreement of compliance approaches with the DO and MAA, maximizing the use of Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material in relevant military and civil certification standards, prior to Critical Design Review 2 (CDR 2) in November 2018.
  • May also be required to support; - the Safety Manager by providing Propulsion System input into the review System Safety Assessment documentation delivered by the DO. - Development of the Propulsion Integrity Management strategy and delivery of the PROTECTOR programme in compliance with the MAA Regulatory Articles.
Essential -
  • Experience of current UK military certification regulations, processes and standards. Experience of the wider UK MAA Regulatory Articles.
Strongly desirable -
  • Experience of civil (FAA and EASA) and US military certification regulations, processes and standards; in particular FAR 33. 
Closing Date - 20th July 2018 at 10:55AM  
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Must have SC / DV Clearance

Commercial Officer 29364

  • £ 397.78 - £ 417.78 per day
29364 - Commerical Officer, Inner London  
Client  MOD
Role & Responsibilities
  • The Enterprise Approach Project (EAP) is addressing the challenge that there are insufficient skilled personnel within the Defence sector to deliver and sustain both current and future Defence outputs. The Project’s contention is that this problem requires a fundamental change to how we think about the generation,
  • utilisation and sustainment of the wider Defence skills base. This new Enterprise Approach means redefining Defence to focus on a wider Defence Enterprise comprising everyone involved in delivering Defence outcomes.
  • It invites us to recognise that this Defence Enterprise is interconnected and interdependent, working towards shared value with shared costs and a shared risk of failure.
  • The requirement is for a suitably skilled and experienced Commercial SME with a good understanding of commercial law when operating in an alliance and an understanding of limitations placed on contracting by the Cabinet Office. Key deliverables are: • To produce a report that sets out why the current commercial suite of products are unsuitable for an Enterprise Approach.
  • To review and propose a plan to generate a new set of commercial agreements. • To advise on the checks and balances through a Governance Structure required to monitor such a contract. • To determine a Defence Enterprise Value Proposition through alternative contracting arrangements. 
Closing Date  20th 7th at 11:00 am
How to Apply  
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Must have SC / DV Clearance

Integrated Logistics Support Manager 29430

  • £ 402.86 - £ 422.86 per day
29430 - Integrated Logistics Support Manager, South West  
Client  MOD
Role & Responsibilities
  • Specialists in Support of Specific Master Equipments across all Supportability engineering (Through Life Support) outputs.
  • Proactively develop and implement Equipment Support Solutions to ensure equipment safety, availability and effectiveness through life.
  • Direct the outputs of Industry Partners through enabling contracts.
  • Utilise Team resources to deliver engineering elements of integrated support strategy.
  • Proactively Manage Obsolescence through Team resources and enabling contracts.
  • Close engagement with Platform Authorities, Class Output Management and Ships/Submarines.
  • Routinely Check ODMS for relevant OPDEFs, and task Engineers level 1 and 2 to provide technical support where Ship/COM capability exceeded. Task OEM/Industry Partner technical support where in-house technical capability insufficient. Equipment Specific Responsibilities; Submarine Main Static Converters Submarine Switchgear Submarine Pressure Hull Glands and Sintered Glass Penetrators 
Closing Date  19th July at 10:45am  
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
Must have SC / DV Clearance

Project Accountant

  • £ 520.00 - £ 570.00 per day
29451 - Project Accountant, South East  
Client - MOD
Role & Responsibilities
  •  Work within the project team on a day to day basis – provide direct link between project and Air’s TPMO and Finance Team. • Agree and validate financial baselines for Workstream in consultation with Business Finance Manager.
  • Develop robust financial assumptions for projects, which are owned by the project team and recognised by Business Finance Managers (including the Transformation Programme Management Office (TPMO) finance manager).
  • Work with TPMO finance manager to identify and address ‘double-counts’ with other projects.
  • Ensure financial assumptions are phased in line with key project milestones.
  • Develop financial tracking reports for project, aligned with RAF and TPMO artefacts.
  • Monitor financial performance of the project on a monthly basis against the baseline & targets.
  • Ensure savings are captured and validated with Business & Finance Managers (BFM) (including TPMO finance manager) on a monthly basis. Identify and capture financial risks and issues for the project: feed into project lead, Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) and BFMs accordingly – and vice versa, highlighting external risks/pressures and capture impact on project outputs.
  • Attend and input into TPMO sessions with the project team.
  • Provide coaching and upskilling to the project team to improve financial awareness.
  • Carry out wider financial analysis to identify additional opportunities for financial savings.
  • Co-operate with Air Command in complying with relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures in the performance of the duties of the post.
  • To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post in compliance with Air Commands equal opportunities policies.
  • To maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
Closing Date  17th  July 2018 at 01:05 PM
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Must have SC / DV Clearance

Project Engineer C 29264

  • £ 292.00 - £ 312.00 per day
29264 - Project Engineer C , south west  
Client  MOD
Role & Responsibilities
  • The post holder is responsible to CHPTL, through Hd Eng&Logs (SO1), for the overall aviation safety management of the in service support and major modifications to the in-service Chinook aircraft. Duties include: implementation of the Safety and Environmental Management System; production of the Chinook Safety Management Plan; production of the Chinook (all Mks) Equipment Safety Case; management of the Release To Service process for the Chinook (all Mks) aircraft; Management of the Hazard log; Internal Safety Audit and Liaison with outside agencies and Safety Regulatory bodies. a Implementation and maintenance of a formal Safety and Environmental Management Systems. b Management of the production and configuration control of the Release To Service. c Project management of the aircraft Safety Cases. d Implementation/management of the Hazard Log using the ‘Cassandra’ hazard management tool. e Management of the Internal Safety Audit process and planning. f Liaison with all Stakeholders regarding issues involved in Aviation Safety/Airworthiness, Safety Case, Hazard Analysis etc. g Management of the safety working groups including production of terms of reference, calling notices and agenda management. h Liaison with MOD Director, Engineering & Safety, MAA and other Safety and Environmental Regulatory bodies regarding Safety and Environment Management Policy, Audit etc. i Provision of safety advice to all areas of the PT concerned with the in-service Chinook aircraft, eg modification safety cases. j Management of the production of and recommendation of endorsement of modification safety cases. k Review of DAOS/MAOS status of CHPT contractors as required. l Engagement with DDH/ODH safety teams to identify and manage risks. Safety management experience essential including generation of safety reports, hazard assessment and managing safety requirements. Previous Chinook experience preferable.
Closing Date  11th July at 14:50
How to Apply  
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Integrated Logistics Support Manager 29378

  • £ 391.37 - £ 411.37 per day
29378 - Integrated Logistics Support Manager, South West
Client  MOD
Role & Responsibilities
  • This role provides support to the PSSE (Portable Specialise Support Equipment) area of the Integrated Logistic Fleet DSS team by providing technical support to the MOD PSSE Manager and wider stakeholders. The post holder will react to information requests by working with the PSSE manager to identify appropriate responsibilities and ensure correct data is maintained and appropriate paperwork is stored.
  • Base in Bristol Abbey wood, the post holder is also expected to travel to other Naval base across the Country (Devonport, Portsmouth, Faslane and Rosyth) when required. Specific duties will include; • Maintenance and development of the data within the WILSON database (PSSE material accounting data) and PSSE Catalogue. • PSSE Improvement plan – working with the MOD PSSE Manager to improve ownership and management of the PSSE equipment portfolio. • Liaise with PSSE Controllers, review and materiel condition assessment of PSSE stock holdings in Portsmouth, Faslane, Devonport and Rosyth. • Identify and engagement with Equipment Design Authority • Provide PSSE technical support to project team equipment project managers Experience Required: - • Essential- Understanding of DE&S structure and ways of working. Knowledge of maritime defence systems and support. Good communication skills. IT literate, organised, self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision across the maritime domain. • Desirable: - Working knowledge of MOD Supply Chain Systems (CRISP, INDEPOL, MJDI). Additional Information: - Working in a team, planning & managing resources, stakeholder engagement and management, Integrated Logistic Support, Programme & Project Management, auditing & asset management, Communicating & Influencing.
Closing Date  11th July 2018 at 14:35
How to Apply  
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If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
Must have SC / DV Clearance

Technical Project Manager

  • £ 490.00 - £ 540.00 per day
29352 - Technical Project Manager, Outer London  
Client - Home Office  
Role & Responsibilities:  
 The successful individuals will be expected to work flexibly and be responsive to demands from our customers. Key responsibilities include:  
  • Manage projects and work streams from end-to-end, from requirements gathering / Discovery, through to implementation and early life support.  
  • Implement and manage effective and appropriate project governance.
  • Own the production of key project management products, ensuring they meet the required quality standards and are approved by the relevant stakeholders.  
  • Identify and manage dependencies and interdependencies.  
  • Define and manage project and work stream budgets and resourcing plans within project and programme levels and tolerances.  
  • Work closely with the business in producing high quality business requirements and translating requirements into deliverable plans.
  • Lead the development of the commercial approach and plan, and supplier engagement for the project or work stream in line with the overarching strategies, liaising with the programme commercial team and, if required, leading the procurement process.  
  • Ensuring that the project or work stream focuses on realization of business benefits by creating business readiness plans, taking into consideration technology deployment, data migration, capability deployment (training and engagement activities) and any business activities required to integrate new processes or jobs into the 'business as usual' environment.  
  • Leading stakeholder engagement with internal and external stakeholders.  
  • Leading the development of other team members, which may include direct line management.
Closing Date - 18th July 2018 at 10:50      
How to Apply    
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Must have SC / DV Clearance

Test Analyst - Application

  • £ 30000.00 - £ 50000.00 per annum
Test Analyst - Application, Gloucester
Client MOD
Role & Responsibilities
  •  You will be required to:
    • Estimate work effort and duration.
    • Produce test scripts and execute test phases.
    • Write test cases that are traceable back to requirements.
    • Expertly report defects - clearly documented, detailing links back to requirement and impact on solution.
    • Work cohesively with other suppliers and delivery team members to deliver to required time scales and to agreed quality.
    • Provide positive input into Test Plans and Reports.
    • Promote meaningful knowledge transfer within the team.
    • Contribute to lessons learned and process improvement.
    What do we expect from you?
    • Application Test Experience.
    • Atlassian Suite - Confluence, Jira.
    • A mature knowledge of waterfall and agile deliveries.
    • Proven testing experience across the whole delivery lifecycle.
    • You are happy to work on customer sites at least 4 days per week.
    • A deep understanding of command line knowledge in Windows and Linux environment.
    How to Apply  
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    If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
    Must have SC / DV Clearance

    Cost Modeller 29302

    • £ 298.18 - £ 298.18 per day
    29302 - Cost Modeller, south west   
    Client  MOD
    Role & Responsibilities
    • support Project Team in collation of In year (IYM) and 10 year financial forecasts (QRPC)
    • Identify, clearly explain and substantiate movement in forecasts and highlight variances to budgets and previous forecasts 
    • Ensure forecasts are in line with customer’s (Army) documented assumptions (3OAs) and CASP milestones
    • Check and challenge (where appropriate) Project managers assumptions to ensure delivery of taut and realistic forecast.
    • Work with Project team to ensure timely, accurate & auditable monthly accruals are posted in GL to represent true value of work completed on various tasks
    • Managing conflicting number of tasks whilst delivering to tight deadlines.
    • Review of Business Cases to commit funds.

    • Manage forecasts through Cost Coherence Tool
    • Report to Level 3 PMVP Cost Controller, providing updates on IYM and QRPC position.
    • Ensure financial concurrence with latest IFRS and DE&S Finance instructions
    • Provide finance support to Service Delivery Managers and Project Managers, translating financial requirements and support into easily understandable language.
    • Oversee and provide direction for Level 1 Cost Control resource.
    Closing Date  18th July 2018 at 09:05
    How to Apply  
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    If you would like more information please call me on 01489 232 080  
    Must have SC / DV Clearance

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