Platform and Infrastructure Engineer

£ 35000.00 - £ 45000.00 per annum
Platform & Infrastructure:
  • Linux Experience, ideally CentOs or Redhat
  • Scripting (Bash, Shell, Python) or other programming language (C or C++)
  • Networking - how networks work, design, Cisco qualifications, firewalls
  • Continuous Integration (technologies like Puppet, Foreman, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Stash, BitBucket)
  • Platforms (technologies like vSphere, VMWare, Docker, hardware servers, switches)
  • Big Data (technologies like Kafka, Flume, Spark, Scala, Hadoop, HDFS, Zookeeper, Zeppelin)
You must be a hands-on engineer and be able to build and configure virtual servers from scratch.
As a final note we are after people who want to cover a range of the above, so:
  • We aren't after people who want be out-and-out programmers or network engineers.
  • We aren't after support engineers who can log tickets and follow processes as their primary role
  • We are after people who enjoy the DevOps/Agile way of developing systems - fast paced, lean, fortnightly sprints, ever evolving/changing workstacks, ever-evolving technologies
Security Clearance
You will be required to undergo high levels of Security Clearance for our roles, so you must be a British national and not worked outside the UK in the last 10 years.

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£ 35000.00 - £ 65000.00 per annum
Due to the nature of the work our team undertake, you'll need to be eligible to gain DV security clearance to be able to join us. This means you need to be a British national and not worked outside the UK in the last 10 years.
Security is as important as ever in a world where technology is evolving and cyber-attacks are on the rise. By joining as a Software Engineer, you will be developing and supporting secure applications to combat cyber-crime and threats to the UK's Critical National Infrastructure.
You will be responsible for:
- Working independently on technical projects/operational support tasks for managers or sponsors  
- Draft reports and make recommendations to managers and project sponsors
- Leading the development, implementation and ongoing management of policies and procedures
- Working with internal, external and third party suppliers
Everyday tasks:
- Design, develop, test, deploy and continually improve software to keep us ahead of the cyber-criminals
- Writing software
You will need to be a hands on practitioner in at least one of the technology areas we work in.
Your CV must include:
- A degree in a relevant field of study
- Experience of working to multiple deadlines
- Compiled and scripted languages; e.g. C, C++ (STL, multi-threaded/real-time), C#, Objective-C, Swift, Java/JEE, Python, JavaScript, Go, Bash, Powershell, Linux.
For more information contact Beth via email or call on 01489 669 799.