Aimee Bloomfield

Business Support Administrator Phone: 01489 232 080

Aimee on the recruitment industry:

Recruitment is an ever growing industry, with a lot of competition. Many recruitment agencies focus on quick wins, and aren’t too worried about customer service, whereas England Associates take pride on achieving a high standard of customer satisfaction. 

Candidate and clients should speak to me about:

My role is to support the business’ admin processes, such as compliance and timesheets. Your primary consultant should always be you first point of call, however if they’re not about I would be very happy to help with any questions.

You should speak to me because:

  •  I can help guide you through the compliance process
  •  I will do whatever I can to help resolve any queries
  •  I enjoy speaking to people

Interesting fact about me:

I currently live in Portsmouth with my fiancé and three bunnies (Eva, Dizzy & Delilah), and my goal is to one day move to Ontario, Canada.