Stacy Bridle

Business Support Co-Ordinator Phone: 01489 232 080

Stacy on the recruitment industry:

I have seen the recruitment industry change over the years but it is still a great way for candidates to gain opportunities within the right roles and for clients to be confident they have the right person for the job.

You should speak to me about:

Candidates and clients can liaise with me regarding their Assignment Confirmations that are sent to them at the start of their assignment.

I will advise both parties on adding / authorising timesheets, login passwords and any finer detail within the contract, AWR, SDC etc.

You should speak to me because:

  • I have worked in a support role within the recruitment industry for nearly 20 years
  • I will resolve any issues that arise promptly

Interesting fact about me:

I enjoy watching the Moto GP