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The one-stop-shop for fully functioning Programme Management Office (PMO) straight into any public or private sector project.


The Challenge

Many new projects will hit their first hurdle straight after funding is approved – finding and recruiting the right team.

Recruiting on an individual basis can take several months with staff arriving intermittently at various skill competencies needing induction and on-the-job training.

Starting a project on this back foot it is easy to lose track of risk management, scheduling, cost control and estimating throughout the project.


The Solution

England Associates PMO delivery services can remove these delays and layers of difficulty with a single solution which can deliver from the first day on site.

Our expert teams are carefully selected and trained by us in project management principles of:

  • MSP©
  • APMP

Having worked together before, with extensive experience in public and private sector projects, they are ready to hit the ground running as a cohesive team. We are able to provide the majority of PMO artefacts ready to tailor to your project.

This allows them to effectively manage project management policy and processes and full deployment of your P3M activity including enhanced capability and operating efficiency.


Why us?

The PMO is the eyes, ears and conscience of every project, so we understand that providing the right information, at the right time and in the right format is essential for better informed decision making.

The remit of our PMO is to establish you with clear project baselines and manage subsequent delivery. Through our comprehensive analytics and insight we can highlight quickly:

  • Material divergence from agreed baselines
  • Advanced prompts for required action
  • Management guidance on:
    • Estimating
    • Risk management
    • Scheduling
    • Cost control
    • Cost estimating
    • and Project Control Management specialisms 

We can get your project up and functioning considerably faster than using the traditional recruitment and PMO methodology.


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